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Spring Skirmish Warhammer Tournament 2009

Here’s the bare basics of Great White’s Warhammer Fantasy Battles Tournament being run the second-last week of May:

Warhammer Fantasy Battles Tournament

Army Size Limit:
1,500 Points

Saturday, May 23 and Sunday, May 24

Southcentre Community Room,
Customer Service Center (On lower level between Centre Court & the Bay)
Southcentre Mall (100 – Anderson Road S.E.)

Number of Games: Five (5)

Cost: $20

Important Dates:
May 1: Registration begins
May 17th:  Army lists due & tournament fee must be paid at Great White’s store location before 4:30pm.
Payment guarantees your place in the tournament


Saturday 23rd May
11:00 –     Sign in & registration
11:15 –     Briefing & Welcome
11:20 – 11:45 Inspect Armies & Best Painted Voting
11:45 – 13:30 Game 1
13:45 – 15:30 Game 2
15:30 – 16:15 Lunch Break
16:15 – 17:45 Game 3

Sunday 24th May
11:30 – Sign in and unpack armies at your playing table
11:45 – 13:30 Game 4
13:45 – 15:30 Game 5
15:50 – Awards Presented
16:15 – Results Posted in Great White store

Army Painting & Modeling Requirements

Minimum painting standards are three colours on each model in an appropriate scheme; primer cannot be used as one of the three required colours.

Models should also be appropriately based, painted bases being the bare minimum.

All models used must be painted miniatures of the appropriate type for the troops they represent. Please strive for as accurate modeling as possible with your heroes and units.  (If you have models with great weapons, they must all must be armed that way. The same goes with shields, missile weapons, etc).

Though WYSIWYG with heroes is not strictly mandatory, the models must bear some resemblance to their entry in the army list.