End of a Stressfull Month

(I’m posting this more to serve as a reminder for myself to keep posting whenever I can.)

So August is about done…thankfully.

It’s been a busy and stress-filled month for me, and hopefully I can get back to posting (somewhat) regularly in the coming weeks. I’ve been all kinds of busy and stressed and busy some more (and stressed some more) this summer, with it culminating in August. The stress has been coming from work-related issues

and somewhat-work-related issues; that when combined with my fairly hectic home life this month (doing lots of summer fun stuff and  hosting a steady stream of house guests …which I’m not at all complaining about) has resulted in me having little time to concentrate on doing any writing for this blog.

On the good news side of things; I did manage to paint up some Strange Aeons stuff and am working on a few more models right now as well.For those not in the know, Strange Aeons is a miniatures game that takes the Cthulhu mythos, throws in a dash of Hellboy and gene-splices it with GW’s old Mordheim game.

I met the game’s author / owner at a couple of conventions this last year and am quite enamoured with the system. I’ll try to get pictures of the models I’ve painted so far posted here sometime soon.

Cover of the Heavy Gear Blitz! Locked & Loaded...

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I also rediscovered / stumbled upon my stash of old(ish) Heavy Gear models, which prompted me to delve back into the Heavy Gear Blitz: Locked & Loaded rulebook recently. I think I really want to get some games in!

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