40k Doubles Tournament: November 6!


Civic election: over. History has been made. Time to talk 40k!

So I’ve wrapped up the player’s pack for the doubles tournament, and I’m now finalising the missions. I don’t want to say too much as I know there’s going to be a certain contingent of meta-hounds present at the tournament. And meta-players live for any and all information they can get their hands on. And with me being the guy who values the Christmas-mornings where I don’t know *exactly* what I’m getting for gifts, and being the kind of guy who purposely skips movie trailers so as to be surprised by things in the (few) movies I go and see, you can bet that I place a premium on presenting a tournament where not all things will be known ahead of time by the participants.

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Who Cares About War of the Ring?

In a word: I do.

But before I go into why that is, I want to go over the games I played (somewhat) recently, seeing as how the end of August and start of September was very good for me getting War of the Ring games in: I managed to play four games in three weeks (which is exceptional for me).

Note: The dreaded wall of text seems to be turning into my “thing” on this blog, and I’m sure this entry will be no different. To attempt not getting mired in that, I’m going to gloss over a lot of what happened in the games…much as though I’d like give all the dirty details.

Game #1: Wednesday night at Great White – 900 points.

My Army: Gondor with Rohan allies.

Foe’s Army: Angmar (and ghost-heavy at that!)

Summary: Shook out the cobwebs & provided a “first game” for a new enthusiast.

Details: Generally a good game –the one embarrassing highlight being that my opponent and I were both so used to GW’s turn structure that we didn’t even notice until turn three that we were using the basic Warhammer turn structure instead of the proper Lord of the Rings / War of the Ring turn structure. Yeesh!

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Morrslieb’s Bounty Player’s Pack

Sometimes I’m exceptionally stupid with technology. Making it so that people don’t have to go to a (more or less) unrelated website to download a player’s pack for the event I’m running is one of those ways I’ve been dumb.

This is my attempt to change that; if I did this correctly, you should be able to download the player’s pack from here: http://www.mediafire.com/morrsliebsbounty.

(This is merely my Band-Aid solution for this concern; any suggestions or recommendations of better sites would be appreciated!)

Warhammer Tourney: Saturday, October 30th

Well, it looks like September was no less hectic than August was for me –not just work this time but life in general did its darndest to keep me distracted and off target (that, and work gave its all to throw some wrenches into my spokes).

So I’m only getting this notice put up now. Sigh.

Excuses out-of-the-way, I just got the Warhammer tournament player’s pack finished up today (my God, did it take me waaay longer than I thought it would have/should have!),  I’ve posted it up on the forum at ultimate-gamers.net; if you’re registered with them, you can download the pdf from my first post about this tourney. Alternately, leave me a comment with your email address and I’ll email the players pack to you (I won’t publish your post, if you choose to contact me this way).

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