Massacre at Isstvan V Tournament: Finis!

This weekend, the Horus Heresy was launched.


Several Space Marine legions under the command of the Warmaster Horus, betrayed and butchered Marines in service to the Emperor of mankind, leaving few alive.

Well, the Horus Heresy weekend tournament has wrapped up, and what a great weekend! Seriously, I’ve never finished up a tournament feeling as positive as this one! The tournaments we run tend not to be hyper competitive, and this one exemplified this (despite the quantity of HARD lists that were at the tournament).

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M-Day Minus 5 (The ‘M’ is for Massacre)

To say the least, work, family life –and the Isstvan Tournament have kept me too damn busy (and sapped my energy) to feel like posting here. It’s been too long since my last post!

Now, it’s just five days and a wake-up until the Horus Heresy is ignited by the Massacre on Isstvan V; and I find myself scrambling to get all the loose ends finalised.

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