Quick Post: If John Blanche were a REAL Artist

(Very incendiary post title, n’est ce pas?)

Actually,  I really (really) like John Blanche’s art work.

(I find I’m always defending and justifying his artwork  to others–I even bought the Ratspike book that John Blanche and Ian Miller put out through Games Workshop back in the late eighties!)

The only thing I dislike about John Blanche’s body of work is the rust-washed sketches he’s done rather a lot of.  I don’t think they’re particularly horrible; I just think it’s a shame that SO much of his work is constituted of these sketches that seem to be more his thumbnail sketches exploring ideas than “art” per se.

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Marines WIP….After the Fact


A bit of back story:

In 2006 Games Workshop Canada–before it was shut down and enveloped by GW USA and renamed GW North America–was doing their cross-country tour of Conflict tournaments/hobby celebrations–think of them as a biggish tournament accompanied by a Games-Day-type set up but 1/100th the size of Games Day. Anyways, ‘Workshop had asked retailers to run megabattle-style gaming tables at the Conflict. We decided to do a beach landing table that would also double as a city fight table. Highly unlikely table, you say? No more unlikely than what greeted the Canadian soldiers in  World War II who stormed Juno Beach in Normandy or raided the port of Dieppe. (Both beaches were met almost immediately by a sea wall and buildings.)

Dieppe. Note how close the city is to the beach.

Canadians on Juno Beach: June of '44.

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Isstvan V Wrap Up (cont’d): THE PRIMARCHS!

So. Primarchs.

Today I’m going to pull back the curtain a little to show what went into us pulling the Primarch card at the Isstvan V tournament weekend we hosted on the weekend of February 26-27, 2011.

(If you just want to see the Primarchs as we used them in this campaign tournament, skip past all the how-come? and why-for? explanations to the bottom –just below the second line-up shot of all the Primarchs are all the rules and models we used for our campaign tournament.)

Before the tournament weekend, we barely hinted to people that the Primarchs themselves would be making an appearance at the Isstvan V tournament weekend.

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A Really Lazy Blog Entry: Isstvan V

Tournament Wrap Up

So, I’m being lazy. However, my tournament co-conspirator–and a very important one-third of the team behind the Horus Heresy tournament (as well as the 14th Black Crusade we ran in June, 2010) just updated her blog, giving the run down on the elements running (sometimes behind the scenes of) our tournament–believe me though, we use the word “tournament” rather loosely when we talk about this event.

I decided to just re-post what Teri entered for today, seeing as how if I were handling the same topic today, I’d just paraphrase everything she wrote (plus she calls me “brilliant” –I seem to always dodge the accolades, so getting it down on my blog means it’s real….right?)

Mortarion vs Corax (and lone Grey Knight)

Here’s Teri’s March 3, 2011 post:

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