A Lengthy Reply ‘Mans Up’ & Becomes a Real Post!

So in my last post, I was expressing some disappointment with how GW’s handling their start to their new fiscal year (read: the double-whammy price change).

I got a reply from another blogger, TheKingElessar, whose blog I check out fairly regularly (and who seems to swing by here to see what I have to say for myself from time to time). I started replying to a quick comment he posted on my page; and before I knew it, I was in full rant mode–not in an angry way, mind you: I just had too much to say to type out in a couple short sentences.

[I searched for images of King Elessar (Aragorn) but found many. Seeing as how this post’s topic is all about the image-poor topic of Finecast [TM], I’ve decided all the pictures will be of Aragorn-Elessar.]

So in true lazy fashion, I decided that instead of pouring all kinds of effort into a reply to a reply of my short blog entry, I’d instead make a more proper today. In case you’re not on my front page, the original post I made can be found here, to which TheKingElessar’s replied:

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Been away far too Long….

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The last couple of months in my non-online, non-gaming life have been hectic and more than a little distracting for me …meaning I just haven’t had the energy or frame of mind to do much posting here. Not that things have changed for me at all, but it has been too long since I last posted; so I thought a quick post (at the very least) today was in order.

Of course, fresh in my brain is the double-whammy price increase announced by Games Workshop this month. I’m not going to be a hater, but their move is doubly disappointing:

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