The Fallout From Fun

Today’s post is a bit schizophrenic, so please bear with me.

Anyways, so I played a game of 40k about ten days ago, and it got me to thinking—I’d have written and posted this sooner, but the initial writing I did here dovetailed nicely with the TooFatLardies’ blog article,Fiction or Friction” so well …before meandering in another direction that I decided to let this post stay on the back burner for a few more days and write about the Lardies’ article first.

So, yeah, 40k. I played it—and while a game of 40k being played by someone may not really be newsworthy, a game of Warhammer 40,000 being played by me is. The short of it? I had a GREAT time!


 It was all pretty innocuous:

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Work in Progress: Terminators

A bit more of a mundane post today: my painting projects.

It’s been a while since I put any pictures up of my own stuff. And, just like trying to post much more regularly, I’m hoping to regularly put up more pictures of my own stuff: older models, things just finished and things still on the go.

To satisfy the last two points, included today are some pictures of the Space Marine Terminators whose work-in-progress pictures I posted way back in March (was it that long ago?). So here they are—not finished yet, but oh so very close! All that really remains are details that will be based on the back story I have yet to give my Marines. But that can’t happen until I make some decisions on what I envision as the back story to my army (more on that below).

Can you spot the problem with this squad?

Yes, I know they look like Imperial Fists.

But I assure you they aren’t Imperial Fists.

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Tournaments: Scenario & Tournament Design

Point 1: I was at a Warhammer / 40k tournament last weekend, and one of the participants I know (and who is planning on running a tournament in the not-too-far future) was asking how I felt about lending a hand with his tournament in some capacity or other.

Point 2: On Facebook, I ended up get bogged down in an internet argument lengthy debate with one of the JadedGamerCast’s regular commentors pundits who also follows their podcast, all regarding the place of randomness in the Warhammer games. I try not to engage in such stupidity as internet-fighting, but his comment on what a bad idea it was to make it possible that randomness in the game could still result in you losing, despite your “playing a perfect game” really set me off. That attitude just ignites me: for me, denying that random factors have a place in a battle or game is akin to denying that different troops from different nations/armies can be of different calibres of ability.

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The Demise of GW

NO, not Games Workshop, but the store I managed: Great White.

After shaky spring sales were followed by a disastrous May, the store in Calgary closed its doors for good at the end of June–just in time for me to go on a two-week vacation! (I had no choice: the flights had been booked months ago; and in the stress surrounding the store’s death rattle, I managed to forget to change my flights; luckily, the trip was visiting family, so it was a holiday on the cheap!)


With some decent job prospects coming my way closer to the end of summer, at the moment things don’t look too grim and dark for me. My goal is now to get more hobby and game time in over the summer.

Responsible? Not really. Irresponsible? Also…not really.

So Where Does this Leave me?

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