Off To Re-dress Their Performance

Witch King: "You have failed me for the last time."

I fielded my Angmar army last Wednesday in War of the Ring against my friend’s newly-assembled Galadhrim force, lead by Galadriel (and backed up by Celeborn and Radagast). I’m planning on giving some sort of treatment of that game as I managed to take pictures at the start of every turn—I suspect I won’t remember enough details for a full-on battle report, but I’ll certainly remember enough to give some broad brush strokes. (That and the burning hasn’t gone down yet, so there will be parts I’ll be able to recount with vivid detail: Angmar got pantsed by Scott’s Galadhrim!) But I’ll leave the reasons  (excuses?) for such an utter defeat for that battle report post; I probably should reflect a little more on what went so wrong.

Angmar's location (red box) in relation to the rest of Middle Earth.

Anyways, I’m off to my local gaming store today to get another game of War of the Ring in, once more fielding my Angmar force…maybe I’ll switch it up and make it a Mordor list. Who knows–though part of me is thinking I should take the exact same list to see if they do just as miserably, or if it was a case of being out-played by the Galadrim army.

Before I get too wordy, I’ll end things here and post a couple quick pictures from Angmar’s last battle that don’t have much to do with the battle itself–mostly just some of my painted things that have never been photographed before.




A quick head swap on a whip-armed Ruffian model makes a perfect Orc Taskmaster!

Gildor Inglorien: the first Elf the Hobbits meet in the FotR novel, and a model whose paint job I've always been pleased with.

Gandalf the Grey leading a regiment of grey-plastic Galadrim.

Legolas, just like Gandalf: leading grey plastic warriors...and a model I painted up forever ago.


7 responses to “Off To Re-dress Their Performance

  1. Frodo (to Gildor): “It is said: never go to an elf for advice, for they will say both ‘yes’ and ‘no’.”

    • I forgot about that line!

      Thanks for putting up; what I didn’t realise was that Games Workshop paraphrased what Frodo says and put it in their Codex: Eldar rulebook:

      “Ask not the Eldar a question, for they will give you three answers, all of which are true and terrifying to know.”

      Thanks for checking out my blog!

  2. Great paint jobs and nice conversion on orc/ruffian.

    I too have come unstuck with my various Mordor forces against the Elves, in their various forms and with their various allied Heroes, with spells, archery, and terror effects causing no end of woes to my embattled bad guys…

    • Thanks for the compliments on the paint jobs! (Tho’ looking again at the Taskmaster makes me feel like I should go back and do some extra highlights & details on him….)

      Yeah, I was VERY surprised at how hard the Elves were to tackle; everywhere I read goes on and on about how Elves just can’t get many victories. The fact that they dictated the game caught me entirely off guard. I certainly did myself no favours by bringing only one Epic Hero to the game–and used him recklessly enough to get him killed early in the game!

      Sunday ended up with me watching a game (instead of playing), and I’m beginning to understand why people are putting caps on the use of Epic heroes: one fellow has obviously decided that he needs to put three Ringwraiths into his list every time he games–makes me glad that I didn’t get a chance to play on Sunday, as it likely would have played out similarly as when I played against the Elves.

      Thanks again for checking out my blog (any tips that help me stomp out Elves wouldn’t hurt either)!

    • I think a larger part of my problem is that I actively avoid making ‘harder’ lists. My army fighting the Elves was essentially a Mordor list with Buhrdur and the Court of the Old Kings (Barrow Wights), so I’m not so sure that I can use the Angmar list as my excuse. 😉

      I actually think that War of the Ring DEMANDS restraint from its players: it does feel like the writers put little thought into what combinations of Epic Heroes would do to game play–heck even multiple higher focus spell casters diminish the importance of standing armies (see my review of the ‘Ard boyz “Pinwheel of Death” list review. Link: ).

      I love the game dearly, but it feels like it begs players to come up with some house rules–but THAT is a rant for another time!

      Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment!

      • I think you do need some kind of house-rules. Even if you don’t want to get detailed about it, I’ve found that actually just creating a restricted hero list up for 1000 pt forces achieves quite a lot.

        I *think* I’ve got it at about the right point that forces are relatively balanced. Everyone can take whatever their favourite Epic hero is, they may get others, and the focus then shifts to normal Captains and Legendary formations. The Mordor player grumbled a bit (what? Betrayer OR Khamul OR Knight of Umbar OR Gothmog, not all of them?) but it is a simple enough change that you can use it in events without issues.

        Re: the Elves… It’s possible that forces built around things like def 3 troops without Nazgul everywhere (just for the courage 5) might admittedly have it tough. I went back and looked at one of my batreps vs the Elves and I would agree that terror could be an issue with only one Wraith (or none) and that bowfire (not to mention glaives with terror) does become quite useful vs low def troops in a way that it isn’t a problem vs eg Morranans or WoMT.

        There is nothing weak about the Angmar list. I really need to get myself some Orcs – pity about the recent changes to ROW sales.

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