Birthday Post & My Marine Chapter

Happy Birthday to ME!

So, today marks my leaving behind my “prime” years: my thirties. I’m now unarguably in the age bracket where everything starts to all go down hill. For instance, reading a Bell of Lost Souls article a few weeks ago made me realise that, at best, I only have a few more years left in me where I’ll be able to paint (at the very least) without the aid of glasses—I had better get painting! In that vein, what is nice is that I managed to sit down and do some painting earlier this week; I didn’t work on any of my 40kor War of the Ring or Flames of War projects, but I did get some Strange Aeons stuff closer to completion.

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The After-Summer-Break Report Card

So, at the start of summer, I posted about how my games-store job had evapourated, and I was now unemployed—giving me ample opportunity to catch up on my hobbies! With September now in full swing, it’s time to take stock, compare my follow-through to my statements and see how I fared.

I already know it’s going to be a disappointing “report card” because no sooner did I get a lot of free time that my wife took a temporary position at her job—which then offered her full-time hours to get her trained in the job more quickly. I went from believing I’d have one to three hours of exclusive “me” time almost every day to becoming the stay-at-home dad—and learned how precious little “me” time there is for a stay-at-home parent with a three-year old in the house (and I might add, one who can sense it: the moment your attention is not focused on her exclusively). Continue reading