Happy Halloween!

This Halloween, I dressed up as a podcaster!

I was not only a part of an interview on the 11th Company pod cast, but I also co-hosted this week’s episode of Jaded GamerCast! Two podcasts in three days is a decent amount of podcasting for some one who isn’t officially involved in any podcasts. Continue reading


White Dwarf 382–Reviewed!

Despite Games Workshop’s never really making an honest go with their White Dwarf magazine, I’m still trying to make an honest go with my idea of reviewing each new White Dwarf issue upon its release.

I think the back cover of this month's issue is more compelling than the front cover (but I have minimal patience for minimalist covers).

(For those keeping score, I only managed to review #381—the October 2011 issue—after half the month went by, I entirely missed reviewing #380, and  my review of #379 came about solely because I couldn’t believe it didn’t suck …so that review was about five days after the magazine hit the shelves). Continue reading

If Only I Lived Closer to the Mid-West!

American mid-west, that is.

I stumbled upon an update on the Plastic Legions blog just the other night and thought I’d talk about it now–before even more time passed since the original post’s date of September 29th. Could it be true? Could there really be a resurgence of interest in the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game?

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Good by ACCIDENT? Really???

I came up with this brainchild of an idea a couple months ago: doing monthly White Dwarf  reviews. I came to this nugget of an idea as I’ve wanted to incorporate something into this blog to help it stand out a little bit. Sure, it stands apart already, thanks to my decided focus on Games Workshop’s two Lord of the Rings miniatures games; but I also noticed I haven’t come across many regular White Dwarf reviews in the blogs I frequent—or on any blogs I’ve stumbled across throughout my forays onto the internet (not that sites doing so don’t exist…it’s just that you don’t see very many of them).

My understanding is that most people feel GW’s monthly magazine is never worth buying—though some do consider it rarely worth buying!

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Birthday Fallout

The irony is not lost on me: how I almost immediately stopped posting regularly right after writing the blog post giving myself an ‘A’ for maintaining a routine of weekly posts all summer. Excuses? Oh I have them. (Are they valid excuses? Well, that might be another matter entirely…)

First off, my birthday hit me…hard. As hard as, say, thirteen bottles of single-malt Scotch. Yes, the picture below is of my scotch collection as it stands, post-birthday celebrations.

I could do after-action reports with accompanying scotch reviews!

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