Happy Halloween!

This Halloween, I dressed up as a podcaster!

I was not only a part of an interview on the 11th Company pod cast, but I also co-hosted this week’s episode of Jaded GamerCast! Two podcasts in three days is a decent amount of podcasting for some one who isn’t officially involved in any podcasts.

My experience of what podcasting looks like.

So, make sure to check out this week’s Jaded GamerCast (I’m sure the Lange would like to think there was some benefit to having me on his show!). The whole affair was rather unexpected: late last night, I got a call from Lange who was in need of a co-host; so I quickly grabbed a bottle of the Ileach Single Malt and proceeded forth. In the episode, we talk (more) about the November White Dwarf issue, then go on about the loyal Space Marine legions–which are our favourites and which ones are our favourites to hate.

My experience of what podcasting FEELS like.

The 11th Company Podcast interviewed myself, Nathan and Teri about our creating, organising and running of the Dropsite Massacre on Isstvan IV weekend campaign event we ran earlier this year (plus we talked a little about the ‘Hammers of War’ documentary made about that weekend…which I also  mention at length on one of my more recent updates).

I’ll link to the actual episode of The 11th Company Podcast with the Imaginary Wars / Conquest Calgary interview once that episode is completed and posted.

So that’s it for me today: a short and sweet update! I leave you with what will have to count as Halloween revelry.


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