Podcasting Follow Up

I just checked out the 11th Company Podcast site: the episode (#93) where I was interviewed on has been posted. It’s a joint interview, where, as I mentioned in last week’s Halloween post, Nathan, Teri and I all talk about how we conceptualised, organised and ran last year’s Massacre On Isstvan V tournament-ish event.

I make no guarantees on the quality of the interview as we were:

A) being interviewed over Skype–and I’ve always felt Skype’s quality to be a little inconsistent

B) being interviewed, while the three of us were also babysitting the kids–I’m sure at some point in the interview you’ll hear my daughter and their daughter (a preschooler and a toddler) both screaming about how they were penguins.

I know I should really download the episode. But apart from the fact that I hate listening to recordings of me talking, the episode clocks in at over three hours long (indeed, most of the 11th Company episodes hit and go beyond the two-hour mark). The length of the episodes makes me feel kind of intimidated by the sheer amount of personal investment I must make to get through a podcast in one sitting;  I’m finding I’m growing really comfortable with Jaded GamerCast’s format a lot: the weekly one-hour episodes (rather than super-long episodes being released every few weeks) mean I’ll likely never have to press pause on a week’s podcast before the thing has run its course.

I used to be able to sit down for an entire evening uninterrupted (back when my daughter was sound asleep by 6pm), so I listened to a LOT of podcasts, be they succinct or meandering. Unfortunately, I’m only good with listening to (and retaining) podcasts when I’m painting; I can’t listen to them when I’m writing, gaming or even just surfing the internet. Mind you, I also like them when I’m exercising–but I’m the guy who breaks into a sweat when typing the word “run”; exercise is definitely not one of my main activities.

I still have fond memories of the D6 Generation from those days; but as my ability to paint all night evapourated and I found myself less and less likely to pick up listening from where I last left off, I eventually stopped downloading their podcasts altogether. (The last two episodes I downloaded were in January of this year—#71 is three hours and fifty-one minutes long; #72 is four hours and thirty minutes long…eeeesh!)

So it should be of little surprise that I’m finding it hard to motivate myself to download the 11th Company’s newest offering this week, knowing that with all the writing work I need to get done, I won’t be able to even listen to the episode until a later time. Sigh. Me and my rich world problems.

In other news: last week, Lange (of Jaded GamerCast fame) made the three-hour drive to my city so we could go to my local liquor store’s annual Autumn Scotch Festival—an event where they turn about 5000 square feet of their basement warehouse into a fully-catered, scotch-tasting extravaganza where the public are invited to come sample some 156 different single malts, made available from thirty-eight different scotch / single-malt whiskey distillers ( ! )

Needless to say, it’s a glorious night filled with scotch and food…and scotch. (Did I mention that the reps at the scotch tables poured rather generously? I think the smallest pour given was just under about a quarter of an ounce….and some guys were pouring easily over half an ounce!)

...makes my collection feel inadequate and insignificant.

But Scotch Fest isn’t really relevant to this blog; what was newsworthy was that Lange and I managed to get in five games of Strange Aeons during his visit! I managed to get pictures for two of the games before my camera’s batteries conked out, and I’m working on some after-action reports to post later this week…once I can get them written in a way that is not so dry (draft 1 excelled in that department) and doesn’t result in me just writing a wall of text. Perhaps I should do the AARs over a few posts? I’ll have to sleep on that. (Maybe I’ll put my ear buds in and listen to 11th Company while I’m at it—no harm absorbing the podcast osmotically is there?)


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