Crazy Week Was …Crazy

With but spare moments free to me today, I thought I’d quickly throw a post up on the ol’ blog. The last ten days have indeed been hectic, anxiety-filled days. The quick run down:

8:30am Remembrance Day (Nov. 11)

Posted my Reconciling War Gaming and looked for some last picture additions to finish off / flesh out the post.

8:35am Remembrance Day (Nov. 11)

My computer tells me I have a virus and that all I need to do is download this online scanner and it’ll fix the problem; it then proceeds to block every application I try to open (you know, to get a second opinion). Whereas I had my doubts about the validity of the warning before, I now know it’s a scam and proceed to try figuring out how to remove it.

2:00am November 12

Two time today, the computer has given me the all-clear and everything is back to normal—only to have the ‘Privacy Protection’ scam pop up again and block everything all over. I use my wife’s computer to download what some forums are saying is required to get rid of the virus…..all to no avail.

10:00am November 12

I’m at the computer repair shop, dropping off my non-functioning computer and being told that, because there’s no line-up of work orders, my computer could be ready later that evening or sometime on Sunday—Monday morning at the absolute latest. (Which is good, because my week of researching the market and local economy for my business-planning homework needs to be sifted through, collated and reduced down to useful information so I can get said business plan more underway; the course I’m on has given a deadline of Thursday, November 17 for the work to be done.)

November 12-13 “The Weekend of Hell(ish)”

Anxious as all get out and wanting to phone the computer shop on the hour, every hour, I decide maybe I should paint models to keep my mind off of things while all the necessary work and checks are done. I stay up until 4am on Saturday night and 3am on Sunday night painting Strange Aeons models. (Pictures coming soon—not today, but …soon). I’m sure I could have painted more models, but I’m quite please with the results of the few I did get done. I manage to lay some base coats on more of my Flames of War mid-war Canadians.

November 14-17 “Week from Hell”

I finally get my computer back at 5:00pm on Monday night and get to work on reclaiming all the time I’ve lost (arguably frittered away by painting…I’m not so sure I would have gotten any quality work done then though). The week sees me essentially staying up far too late every night and not sleeping at all the night before I’m to hand in the product of my efforts.(And here was me thinking my days of staying up for thirty hours at a time had forever left me with my final year at university.) The following days after that saw me playing catch up with the other obligations I had let slide all that week. Sigh.

It’s now Tuesday and I’m as close as I can get to being all “caught up.”

On the Chopping Block for the End of the Month:

This morning I just remembered Strange Aeons is having a painting contest; and seeing as how the company is based in my town…and that I talk to the game’s owner / creator / sole proprietor, “Uncle” Mike, I feel I should represent (as the kids say these days) and populate his contest with an entry or two. The catch is: the competition calls for the entries are not individual figures but the contents of one full pack of figures (most packs have three miniatures in them).

...and I already entered THIS pack (Threshold Agents I) in their painting competition put on last year.

The competition’s parameters by themselves aren’t really a big deal, just a minor inconvenience—made into a bigger one, seeing as how all the Strange Aeons figures I painted last weekend were from separate packs or promos. Sigh.  I now have a week—just until November 30th—to get a full pack of miniatures done and photographed.

Bah, I don’t mean to sound all whiny today; I think it’s just sort of coming out that way because I’m a little on the tired side after last week’s shenanigans.


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