Are You Not Entertained?

I’m apparently podcasting once more this week!

Y U not entertained? We even has scotch!

I’m on this week’s Jaded GamerCast—or rather an old stand-by episode that Lange and I recorded back in …September (I think?) makes up “Part B” of this week’s episode. Part B, the part with me co-hosting starts at 20:30 or thereabouts.

We decided to podcast back when Lange came by my town of residence for a visit (this was before he and I went to the scotch festival in early November). Foolishly, we decided to forego a single glass of scotch in a favour of bringing the full bottle of Glenmorangie down with us while we recorded. Needless to say, we got pretty wrecked while podcasting (Lange even apologises in the introduction leading into the bonus episode).

I’ve been re-listening to it while typing this and, being that the night is still a blur in my head, I forgot just how much we talked about our halcyon days, working together at Games Workshop. We go on to talk about Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle, and then Lange tells me to try and get him into playing War of the Ring. And we get drunker as we continue our way through the bottle.

Also, you can play the Jaded GamerCast Drinking Game™: take a drink every time we clink our glasses (“cheers!”) and top up whenever you hear us top up our glasses!

As a tribute to the theme of the podcast (and if you were thinking the theme was Lord of the Rings—you’re wrong: it was scotch), my wife last night painted a still life of one of my scotch bottles for her blog that’s definitely worth the look.

I’m always envious of her perception of and ability with colour; perhaps one day, I’ll be able to do with miniatures what she can do with acrylics and watercolours.


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