Brushoff 2011….progress?

Here’s my work in (not)progress for the Strange Aeons Brushoff 2011 painting competition being run by the Strange Aeons company, Uncle Mike’s Worldwide. Things aren’t as dire as they may look, considering I really only decided I should man up and do an entry last week…eight days before the deadline.

Humble beginnings...

My painted portion of "Cultists III"

It’s now two days before the deadline; all I’ve gotten done is cleaned and primed a mess of SA miniatures and applied a first coat of paint on the two cultists (when combined with the painted ‘bomb’ cultist, they are the contents of the “Cultists III” pack and thus, a legal Brushoff entry).

Here Come The Excuses…

I had hoped to get some serious progress over the weekend, but all I managed to get done was the initial prepping of the models before the crazy windstorm that blew through town this past Sunday…and knocked the power out of my neighborhood for close to ten hours. Since the power came back on, I’ve only managed to get the first coat of green on, thanks to the regular obligations waking up each day seems to bring.

I suspect I should be able to get these guys done tonight—y’know, if I can just manage to sit down and concentrate on them for a bit. (It doesn’t help that I’m coming down with a doozy of a head cold right now; but hey, what’s art if there’s no suffering involved?)

I guess if things get too tight, I could always just drybrush up the companion model for the first Fishman I painted up last week and enter those models (the Fishmen come two to a pack). I just feel handing in a drybruhed entry would be a bit of a cop-out for me. Surely I can paint two models in one night, right???

The Fishman I started & finished, staying up late one night...

...and his packaged compatriot.

Also of Curious Note:

I subscribe to the Tabletop Gaming News Blog Network on Facebook, and this came across my Facebook page just over a week ago. It was pretty neat to see Strange Aeons show up on a feed that usually just highlights historical gaming with a smattering of Warmachine and 40k. (It’s also cool to see some one embarking into Strange Aeons using all third-party miniatures—if not just because it shows someone else’s interpretation of the game as they see it.)

So far, the Four Color Figures blog has done five Strange-Aeons posts so far—six if you count the bullet-point mention in his November 29 post.

And then, while I was looking for the Four Color Figures link, I came across this post from The Man Cave blog (great name, by the way!)—also about Strange Aeons!

I have to say, it’s really nice to see Strange Aeons catching on! I really liked the game from the moment I was run through an introductory game by its owner-designer a couple years back; and though I only play it (very) sporadically, it’s the game I can actually see myself playing more often (both for how fun it is, how open-ended it is and for how little time commitment the game requires an a per-game basis).

Self-Absorbed Sidetrack:

I’ve been following the Tabletop Gaming News Blog Network for a while now—and after this last summer, with my better track record at posting regularly, I decided I would ask to be added to the TGN Blog Network (hereafter referred to as the TGNBN). Oddly enough, nothing has happened—I’ve sent emails to them twice and still …nothing.

I suspect it has something to do with the changeover of TGN’s proprietorship: going from an individual (who almost obsessively-compulsively kept the site updated on the industry’s movements and, with the TGNBN, with the hobbyists’ movements) over to a small company with other concerns on their plate as well trying, ostensibly, to do what the site had always done all along.

 I’m sure they’re committed completely to the industry-reporting side of the blog, but this odd delay does make me wonder about the blog-tracking side of things. Perhaps my quasi-regular rantings and editiorialising makes them feel that I don’t fill their requirement of having “a positive attitude towards [the] hobby and gaming and a businesslike writing style.” At first I was scared that they needed more regular posts, but I easily qualify for the once-a-month minimum. So, I don’t know; perhaps linking me in their site just takes time.

–But this sidetrack is just me wanting the world to line up to help me.

Well, enough ranting on my part (not to mention procrastinating): time to get to work on those last two cultists!


4 responses to “Brushoff 2011….progress?

    • Hah! After reading your email, I was thinking about mentioning how I was a squeaky wheel and everything was fixed! (And also how I try to avoid being the squeaky wheel too often to save on others’ sanity–I’ve dealt with enough of them, working retail for so long, that I try not to inflict that on people when possible).

      PS. Thanks again!

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