2011 in review

WordPress prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog, and according to them I did a pretty good job in 2012. You can read further about my stats…if you care about this sort of thing.

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Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Men.

Christmas dinner served up amidst the firefight during the Battle of Ortona, 1943.

I wasn’t sure what to write for a Christmas blog entry—or if I even really needed to do one—but a documentary link cropped up on my Facebook feed on Christmas Eve, (coming from the Canadian Virtual Military Museum) and got me thinking about Christmases past and how the turmoil back then makes the present-day holiday season feel downright peaceful in comparison.

Sadly, the CBC archives won’t let me imbed the videos onto this update, so I’m left no choice but to simply link to the documentary in the archives.

Return to Ortona (link)

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Agents Aplenty!

Last week I got to partake in some (very brief) Strange Aeons [link] games. Being that I’m in the same town as the game’s author-owner, every once in a while when I game with Uncle Mike I get to do something a little out of the ordinary. And last week was one of those every-once-in-a-whiles.

I brought my Threshold team that had squared off (and fared quite well) against Jaded GamerCasts’s host, Lange, back in the beginning of November.

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Boss Zagstruk: Work in Progress

I’ve been thinking that I should be showing off more of the stuff I’m working on—in an attempt to get me to sit at my painting table and get more painting done. So today, I’m “showing off” where I’m at right now with a commission I’m working on: Ork Boss Zagstruk.

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When it Sucks Taking a Long Time to Paint Your Stuff

Slowly but surely (with extra emphasis on the slowly part of that equation), I’ve been plugging away at more of my Space Marine army. A few weeks ago, I got around to my shading wash on my now-yellow terminators—or rather, I did my shading wash on five of them.

As I progressed on the first one I realised the brown wash I was doing was WAY too dark: building up to a vivid yellow was going to be more work than I had planned with the kind of dark wash I just put down on the yellow termie. So I switched things up and remembered—after the fact—that I wasn’t using a brown to shade the yellow of my army; I was using the old Flesh Wash ink. So I proceeded to wash the yellow terminators with the Flesh Wash ink wash. Continue reading

I Podcasted …Again!

Last night I helped fill in on Jaded GamerCast for one of the hosts (Nathan) who had the opportunity to escape the Canadian versions of  December & January in exchange for the Philippines version of those months. As is the tradition with Jaded GamerCast, alcohol and swearing were involved. I worked my way through a pretty big helping of Lagavulin 16 year, and I managed to drop a few F-bombs too! Sigh….what would Jaded GamerCast be if there was no alcohol or swearing like sailors involved?

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White Dwarf 383–Reviewed!

I can’t believe I missed it! I missed it by a week! I missed the release day of the December, 2011 White Dwarf issue (if you live in North America, the issue I’m talking about is #383). It totally flew below my radar, and I just realised it was on the shelves seven days after the fact! Mind you, with last month’s issue being not much more than a bunch of forgettable articles, wrapped in Necrons and drizzled in retcon, there’s only so much guilt I can feel about being late picking up this month’s issue.

You know, if you can't be bothered to strive for the level of quality on a Magic: the Gathering card, what's the point of putting 'art' on the cover?

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