I Blame World War II

It was just two days ago that I was so filled with hope and thought getting two miniatures painted up (possibly three) was going to be but minimal effort.


I barely touched the miniatures I planned on getting done for Strange Aeons’ Brushoff 2011 competition. What’s worse: they weren’t even ambitious entries. They only required that I put some paint to models that were to have a two-colour paint scheme (plus some detail colours on things like their weapons). Had there been any real stakes riding on this entry, I’d be more disappointed with myself.

The two models are on different bases because the entry had to be the contents of 1 pack, and the sitting model I''ll be having based on piece from another Strange Aeons pack.

However, I did get an entry done and emailed off to the fine folks at Strange Aeons (yes, yes, I emailed it at midnight which rides the cusp of the competition’s “November 30th entry deadline”  …so long as they consider “by November 30th” to be any and all times prior to when the judges awake on December 1st and check their emails, I should be fine). It turned out that I had a pack of ‘Scrawny Ones’ that were about 80% done; so I did the last bit of details and basing, got them photographed, then posted the pictures on the Strange Aeons forums and emailed my submission in.

My Scrawny Ones: the base for the sitting model is too large for game play and is on one of the components from the 'Objective Markers' pack.

Here Come the Excuses…

I think I’d also be more disappointed in myself for not following through with my painting plans had my not getting them done been a result of me just being lazy. As it turned out, the night I was pumped to get my stuff painted, I was supposed to be heading over to a friend’s place for a painting night—I never do painting socials, so I was unsure of how effective that evening would be, BUT I also don’t really leave the house (at all) any more, so I thought I should go out and be social.

The painting night ended up turning into a ‘let’s wrap our heads around Flames of War’ evening, so the evening I was planning on getting the bulk of my painting done, I didn’t get home until 2am: not a good time of the day to start painting. But this is NOT me complaining; I’ve been trying to get started in Flames of War for seven years now (that’s how long I’ve owned some of my FoW miniatures!). And for once I was actually playing the game and learning the rules—though technically, this could count as the second time…if I include the summer evening where me and some friends essentially had a ‘mega battle’ in my basement …and none of us knew the rules nor tried to play with the rulebook open to make an honest stab at learning and retaining the rules.


Minor Loss: I didn’t get the planned models painted for a competition I was really unlikely to ever win.

Minor Victory: I finished a figure that’s been sitting on my table ¾ painted for a year now, photographed it and entered it into the painting competition (never mind that the paint scheme was one that was almost identical to previous entries from other years).

Minor Major Victory: I spent an evening playing Flames of War! I spent an evening learning a new game! I spent an evening out of the house!

I think overall I came out ahead. And because all gaming activity gets me pumped to paint more models, I foresee me getting more Flames of War stuff finished and table-worthy (plus, my friend and I decided we need to do a Flames of War evening as a regular bi-weekly activity!)


2 responses to “I Blame World War II

    • Whenever it works for you will generally work for me.

      I just never get around to getting in touch with people in any kind of timely manner. (Such as: every time I decide I want to have a Sunday games night, it takes a few more days for me to then get around to calling / emailing people…meaning I always end up trying to make a Sunday games night come together on Sunday afternoon–Saturday evening if I’m REALLY organised!)

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