I Podcasted …Again!

Last night I helped fill in on Jaded GamerCast for one of the hosts (Nathan) who had the opportunity to escape the Canadian versions of  December & January in exchange for the Philippines version of those months. As is the tradition with Jaded GamerCast, alcohol and swearing were involved. I worked my way through a pretty big helping of Lagavulin 16 year, and I managed to drop a few F-bombs too! Sigh….what would Jaded GamerCast be if there was no alcohol or swearing like sailors involved?

What was really fun about this time around was that Lange and I were joined by Ward. Years ago, Lange, Ward and myself all worked at the same Games Workshop store, and for the approximate year or so we were all there, we were thick as thieves: always ready to give our co-workers, our favourite customers and our not-so favourite customers a hard time. We channeled a little of that last night.

The topic—one near and dear to me—was a bit different than the usual Sex-Pistols-esque “we hate everything” that tends to drive Jaded GamerCast episodes. Last night we talked about the thinking behind running Warhammer & 40k tournaments that aspire to be more than just the run-of-the-mill, ‘Ard-Boyz-style competitive events or regular competitive / hobby-weighted tournaments. 

The big question of the night that was like a black hole of discussion (or at least a looped discussion that brought us back to the same points a couple times) was how to go about running a narrative campaign-tournament weekend for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. It seems pretty easy to set up a storyline weekend for Warhammer 40,000; but doing the same for Warhammer Fantasy seems evasive. 

I firmly believe the geography of the Old World does a lot to make a storyline that could potentially include every army in the game a tricky beast to snare. (I think I may have said it best in the podcast when I gave the example of Mordheim: one couldn’t help but wonder exactly how it was that High Elves, Lizardmen, Amazons and Tomb Kings were had come to the city located in the North-Eastern parts of the Empire.)

It's a big big big big Warhammer world...and each army is in its own isolated corner of it.

So now my brain is simmering on the idea of how to make a Warhammer narrative-campaign tournament.

Tournaments in the New Year

We also talked about future events Ward and I will be running (in our two respective cities, that is). After doing the 14th Black Crusade and the Drop Site Massacre on Isstvan V, I’ve been stewing on what would be a good storyline for the next tournament. As I announced last night, I think there’s more than a nugget behind the idea of ret-conning the retcon the Necrons were given. So I think that’s likely the direction the next campaign tournament that me, Nathan, Teri and Scott will be running (of course, I need to take this up with them and make sure all of us are inspired by this idea). We talked a little about this already and we’re hoping to do our next 40k campaign weekend some time in February or March.

BUT…more on that once I have more committed to paper…

The new codex has given the Necrons the same feeling as when you find out you're really adopted.


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