When it Sucks Taking a Long Time to Paint Your Stuff

Slowly but surely (with extra emphasis on the slowly part of that equation), I’ve been plugging away at more of my Space Marine army. A few weeks ago, I got around to my shading wash on my now-yellow terminators—or rather, I did my shading wash on five of them.

As I progressed on the first one I realised the brown wash I was doing was WAY too dark: building up to a vivid yellow was going to be more work than I had planned with the kind of dark wash I just put down on the yellow termie. So I switched things up and remembered—after the fact—that I wasn’t using a brown to shade the yellow of my army; I was using the old Flesh Wash ink. So I proceeded to wash the yellow terminators with the Flesh Wash ink wash.

Still too dark.

Generally the wash worked decently on this one--except that it didn't cover larger smoother areas so well, and the ink REALLY pooled excessively in some parts (fingers on power fist).

Now I’m stuck with a third of my terminators shade far more darkly than I am comfortable with (and comfortable with having to put highlights on); so, first off:  uniform army colours have gone a bit sideways; second off: I’m now at a loss as to what my “super easy” shortcut to an amazing yellow is; and I now have to tinker with shades again. Sigh.

This one looks a bit better...as long as you don't notice the weirdly-pooled ink on the pauldrons and the over-inked shoulder and hip shields.

–Not that having to tinker with inks is a terrible prospect for me: I have enough painting experience (and enough experience with inks) that I’m not too worried. It’s just a hassle where I was expecting to have none. (Though the good news is that by my fifth guy, I started getting the ink mixture a lot closer to what I need….too bad that I didn’t get a photo of that guy for this post. Ah well; another day, Highlander.)

This one is a bit more of a step in the right direction--so long as you pay no attention to the weird drying lines on the shoulder shield ...and hip shields ...and ammo drum. Sigh.

Right. Lesson Learned.

When you start projects, don’t decide to string them along for over a year…you might just forget how it was you were doing things back when you started.


7 responses to “When it Sucks Taking a Long Time to Paint Your Stuff

    • You know, if you clicked the links and checked out my July 24 post, you would have known that I am using the elf flesh-yellow ink-brown wash method. There’s still areas for margin of error though.

      waitasec…were you trolling me there?

    • You know, that was one thing you did that I thought was GENIUS when you used to paint miniatures–I just wish I followed your example (and I hope I remember to do so on the next batch of future projects that will likely take me a while).

    • Yeah, the first time my wife did that I thought it was a stroke of genius! (She’s telling me that I told her to do that…but I think all I said was that perhaps she should write down her process so that she’d be able to pick up where she left off better when painting multiple squads in a whole army.)

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