Boss Zagstruk: Work in Progress

I’ve been thinking that I should be showing off more of the stuff I’m working on—in an attempt to get me to sit at my painting table and get more painting done. So today, I’m “showing off” where I’m at right now with a commission I’m working on: Ork Boss Zagstruk.

I’m normally not a painting commission guy. However, I know a guy who gets some of his stuff painted from time to time; and I put the offer to him back in the summer—after I became unemployed but before I was accepted to the self-employment program I’m in.

He responded quite a while later…like in the fall. Though I wasn’t sure of how fast I could get this done up, I accepted all the same (completely unaware of how much of my time the E.I. program, selling my older bitz on Ebay and my wife’s new job requirements were going to eat in to my painting time).

Although my “client” and I never agreed on when I should be finished, I know I’m pretty late with this, so I’m trying to get this done up now and do a better job than one might normally expect of a commissioned paint job. The guy who I’m painting this for has been pretty exceptional about all this—he hasn’t bugged me or anything (making me feel even more guilty for taking this long), so I really want to impress him when he sees the final paint job and leave him feeling the model was worth the wait …at least somewhat.

I’m pleased with what I’ve done with the model so far: I really like how I’ve done Zagstruk’s skin; it’s substantially darker than how it looks in the ‘official’ GW product picture.

The darker skins tone does bring with it the problem that the parts of the model that aren’t going to be metal are all going to be dark, so I’m now running the risk of having the model’s skin getting lost in the dark colours prevalent in the models recessed areas (Zagstruk’s clothes). I could reconsider the colour of the clothes, but it was requested that I paint the model pretty much the same as how it looks on the packaging, being that it’s a special character and, story-wise, regardless of which army he was hanging out with that day, Zagstruk’s look wouldn’t change significantly.

So I guess the challenge will be to brighten up the metals anough to provide sufficient contrast to the dark clothes and darker ork skin—I can’t forget that there’s a preponderance of straps on the Zagstruck model, so if I choose to make them your everyday, run-of-the-mill, leather-coloured leather straps I’ll have to be careful with my use of bronze, rust and gold when doing the metals of Zagstruk’s jet pack and bionic legs.

I think I may also need to not overthink this project.


2 responses to “Boss Zagstruk: Work in Progress

    • Thanks!

      Yeah I’m pleased with the results so far (and it looks better in real life than it does photographed…despite my trying to correct the shoddy camera work with careful use of photoshop). My stress right now is how to make ALL that metal stand out a little better. Thinking cap time….

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