Imaginary Wars: Initial Walk Through!

….and by “Initial Walk Through” I really mean the very first walk through! My business partner and I were allowed to get into the store for half an hour to get it properly measured (so we could begin working on our layout and see what else we needed) over the weekend; so I took full advantage of the opportunity and filmed a quick walk through for the benefit of family and friends!

It all looks really basic, as all empty retail spots are wont. I’m happy that there’s so much slatwall already in place…everywhere. That’s one of those things I didn’t want to have to deal with–both in effort and in cost.

Anyway, I thought I’d put this up to both remind me that progress is being made–and to show those waiting with bated breath for the store’s April opening date  (what’s awesome is that there’s actually already a few!) that progress is being made.

(Apologies go out to my friends on Facebook–YouTube posts there as soon as I upload videos and WordPress posts there as soon as I update my blog….meaning there’s going to be a certain element of spam coming from me whenever I upload videos and include them in updates over here at WordPress. Still, I guess anything to keep the store’s name out there in the ether while I’m ramping up to the opening date this April will be more helpful than harmful. I’ll try to not get too out of control with videos.)

I should also mention that Imaginary Wars has a (so far VERY sparse) youtube channel that we plan on bringing to the fore as we get closer to the opening date. 


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