February Out of the Way

February was a month that felt like it was getting away from me at most times.

Even after double checking the frequency of my updates in February and finding out I actually managed to (more or less) stick to my minimum of one post per week, it felt to me like I was missing my weekly updates every week last month. It’s because the month was one scramble after another.

I spent the month getting all my ducks in a row for the store, followed by some progress… just in time to find another group of tasks that required getting my ducks all in a row …then getting through those and making more progress …only to find another group of tasks that required getting my ducks all in a row. (Rinse and repeat, all month.)

But when I look back at the blur that was the month of February and try to figure out what it was that was always in the way of me doing more regular updates, I’m left scratching my head. I’m sure that has something to do with the whole month being a blur.

Even the regular planning sessions are a blur to me.

From the start, I’ve thought I should do my best to track and record the store’s progress as it gets built from the ground up. I’ve decided to post a certain amount of the store’s progress as work towards opening day. (We’ll we’ll see how that goes as the month goes on, seeing as how I’m going to be spending a significant amount of time at the store, doing grunt work.)

Of course, the easy (heh…”easy”) solution would be for me to do regular updates with significantly less writing in each one. Easier said than done–I seem quite incapable of writing less than two pages in anything I write. 

Anyways, right now, as part of my plan for more frequent updates, I’m putting off getting the store’s preliminary jigsaw puzzle order under way, just so that I can start March off with an update.


Yes, puzzles. I’m serious: jigsaw puzzles. As a store, Imaginary Wars will be carrying jigsaw puzzles, namely Ravensburger and Clementoni puzzles, two brands renowned for their excellence. I’ve worked at stores that carried them in the past, and both companies offer puzzles that are a cut above, both in quality and images available.

Not ALL jigsaw puzzles are airbrushed montages of unicorns and dolphins!

I realised after looking around that jigsaw puzzles have more in common with board games (and, by extension, miniatures games) than the enthusiasts of any of those hobbies would think. First off, they are all tabletop pursuits; all of them are quite tactile in nature; and they’re all social pursuits (sure, we’ve all seen anti-social gamers—but really, board games, card games and miniatures games are predominantly social activities).

(I’m refraining from using GW’s oft-used descriptor of miniatures gaming as being visceral in nature and applying that to describe the attraction that is integral to puzzles—I’ll stick to saying that the tactility of puzzles remains ones of its major strengths.)

…Though with puzzles like “The Bombardment of Algiers” perhaps the term visceral isn’t so totally far off the mark.

Anyways, so there you have it: my first update for the month being done up, more or less, at the start of the month–I’m sure this is some kind of record for me! That said, it’s not lost on me that I missed doing my regular review of the new White Dwarf issue that gets released on the last Saturday of the month (that’s on its way–my excuse is that I’m taking that little bit longer to mull over the issue). Mind you, rare is it when I get the review done on the weekend of its release.

Of course, if I could get my hands on that time-stopping microwave oven, I’d have ALL the time I need for updates!


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