The Post Where I Explain What I’ve Been Up To

Yeah, yeah…

I know I haven’t updated the blog in quite a while–three weeks, to be precise. What can I say? Starting up a store takes up a lot of time!

Beyond embarking on a one-day road trip to procure store armies for Heavy Gear, I’ve essentially done NOTHING as far as hobby time goes. What I have been doing though has been working (fairly) hard to transform the spot I’ve leased from an empty bay….to an empty store.

Because I’m TERRIBLE at documenting things as they happen, I don’t have much to show in the way of  incremental improvement. However, I DID at least take a couple quick movies to show how the store has been coming along.

I’ve already included pictures of the store from the first day I went to check it out and decide if I wanted to put in the offer to lease; those pictures can be seen here.

What’s kind of neat to see though is the very real progress I’ve made from the first “walk through” video (which already showed how the store had been swept and broken ceiling tiles fixed cleaned) through to the third video that I made just a few days ago.

I skipped from the first video to the third to highlight the dramatic change some fresh paint, new colours and store shelves brought to the space. The middle step was done just after we has spent a full day mopping and re-mopping (and re-moppping) the store before we put down a coating of this  tile-restoring compound we found at the hardware store. (It wasn’t as good as waxing the store…but it also cost $400 less than waxing the floors would, so I consider that a “win” for us!).

That’s all for now; hopefully the next post happens sooner than three weeks (yeeesh!)…and hopefully it’s more hobby oriented! Until then….


13 responses to “The Post Where I Explain What I’ve Been Up To

  1. Store is looking sexy. I just gotta ask, are you going to be stocking any infinity stuff… I may have asked this before but I honestly can’t remeber. Anyways I will definitely be stopping by when I’m back in town. Cannot wait to see it done.

    • Thanks for the compliments! I WILL order what ever infinity you’re after…but am unsure about having it as part of the store’s initial full-ranges that are on the shelves (we only have so many dollars for the store’s initial stock that I had to choose just a handful of lines).

      If there’s ANYTHING you’re kind of after, be sure to let me know and I’ll order it in for you!

  2. Well to be honest I’d really love to purchase some of the micro art studio’s markers for infinity. As well as a Pano Machinist… I’m also looking for some techy/urbany looking resin bases to finish up the army. Also do you know if you could bring in any vallejo paint?? I seriously cannot get enough of that stuff.

    • Vallejo: I’m carrying several of their lines….still need to make up my mind for certain on those, seeing as how GW has up and decided to further crowd the paint market place with their ‘new’ 145 colours.

      With the Infinity stuff, everything depends on my suppliers’ stock levels, but I can order the things you want no problem! If the items aren’t in stock, I can ensure to keep my name on the suppliers’ back order lists so that we can get the marker / models for you as soon as possible.

  3. Ya if you can put me down for a Pano Machinist, a Pano Palbots, The infinity special markers 2 with the suppresion token and the Infinity wound markers, both of the markers are from micro art studios… I’m sure there will be more to come but im in the middle of nowhere right now and thats about all i can think of 😛

    • It would seem you’re asking for rather trick-to-get items! All my suppliers that carry Micro Arts are sold out of the counters you’re hoping for. The success rate for models is barely any better: I think I can order in a pack of PalBots…but that’s about it. Yikes.

  4. Haha ya I’m like that, theres a good reason why those things are hard to get right now. I guess it didn’t cross micro art studios that Markers for a game that requires a ton would sell quickly and the only engineer in the most played army might also be popular… I also am looking at picking up resin bases for the same infinity army, just not quite sure what to get yet.

    • I’ll keep you updated–do you want me to put these on backorder, so that (in theory) I get some the moment they’re available to me again? (This is, of course, working under the assumption that there isn’t a CRAZY long backlog of other stores who have put the items on back order before me.)

  5. Ya definitely order them for me, I want them and its not like they are gonna come faster elsewhere, they are on backorder all over. I’m really not in dire need of them right away still have tons of stuff to work on 😀

  6. This is great news Kyle! Congrats on getting a new store up and running.

    I’ve really missed having a hobby store in the south, as well as the 40k tourneys you ran at South Center. Are you open now, or still stocking up in preparation of opening?

    Can’t wait to see the new store.



  7. Hey Kyle, congrats on the new store! Really happy for you. The south really needs a store to get more gamers together, and I can’t think of anyone better to run it.

    Are you open yet, or do you have a date to open? And do you have store hours yet? When can I start throwing money at you?

    I really miss your 40k tourneys, so I’m hoping you’ll have a chance to run more in the future.



    PS apologies if this is a duplicate message, not sure what happened to my frst message.

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