Casual Magic – MTG Core Set 2013 – Commander Highlights

After a few weeks worth of hiatus, I was digging through a box of brand new M13 boosters for the store’s singles department and came across a few that ought to be relevant for Commanders everywhere. A new core set always gets me excited (oh the possibilities!). Let’s start with black.

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White Dwarf #390 Reviewed

It’s a full-blown week since the release of Warhammer 40,000’s Sixth Edition rules…and two weeks since White Dwarf #390 hit the shelves. For some reason, I still feel compelled to (a) keep getting the magazine every month; and (b) keep reviewing the magazine every month—despite the fact that it’s often a chore to find content that feels satisfactory to a long-time GW hobbyist™ such as myself. (Admittedly—though I’m sure White Dwarf doesn’t admit it—the magazine is really only geared towards those who have been playing/hobbying for less than two years…and, I guess, those whose recollection capability tends to max out around the two year mark.)

Clearly, my decision to go forth and still review what is close to becoming last month’s issue of White Dwarf has to be because I’m trying to lay some sort of sad claim to being a GW-internet-hobbyist “maverick” by actively avoiding talking about 40k Sixth Edition. (I mean, seriously, everyone is talking about the new 40k and the ramifications of its new rules and whether they should pull apart all their old models for the new rules and how they can use Rhinos to limit the field of fire of their missile launchers so they can snipe individual models…everyone but me, that is).

It’s no surprise that, with new edition of 40k being unleashed upon us, this month’s issue focuses on Warhammer 40,000. And I’m okay with that and am not going to harp on about equal coverage or any such garbage. I’m really just curious to see if the magazine’s editor, Andrew Kenrick, decided to allocate the information regarding the new releases as though they were Easter eggs like he did in last month’s issue …because nothings better than flipping through 100 pages of their magazine trying to figure out if there are any new novels or Warhammer models coming out this month.

All that complaining aside, I am kind of enamored by the thought that the layout of each month’s magazine is kind of like the FOX Network and how they go through their roster of mid-season replacement shows: each one holds so much promise but is really there just to be thrown away to make room for the next replacement next month. But I digress; on to the magazine!

White Dwarf #390

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