Quick(ish) Update(s)

I’ve just survived the scramble of putting together the store’s second Warhammer 40,000 tournament: the “Welcome to Sixth Edition” tournament. And I’m now trying to get other work done…that’s already supposed to be finished by now (like doing the store’s comic order for everything coming out two months from now).

And I still have more scrambles looming on the horizon:

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White Dwarf #391 Reviewed!

As has been my trend over the past few months of White Dwarf issues, I’m reviewing the magazine well after its release…and well after it’s likely sold out everywhere—which feels like an odd thing to say about the White Dwarf.

So I’ve been saying for a while that it’s felt like White Dwarf has been trying to make some changes (that would stick) to the magazine to increase its readership. Well, this month is the third month in a row that the magazine has sold out across town (as far as I can tell); and I think the editors have stumbled upon the secret behind selling White Dwarf to the masses: exclusive content. This month sees the release of a bunch of new chaos daemon model kits, some being plastic re-sculpts, some being entirely new models. More importantly there are new rules—and updated rules—for all the models released this month, and the only way to get those rules is by purchasing this month’s White Dwarf issue to get the separate Daemons Army Book / Codex booklet that comes poly-bagged with the issue.

I’ve decided to not review the daemon rules that accompanied this month’s magazine as I know there’s plenty of people out there on the internet that have already done reviews of the booklet—heck, even I helped review the 40k portion of it on Jaded Gamercast!

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