Quick(ish) Update(s)

I’ve just survived the scramble of putting together the store’s second Warhammer 40,000 tournament: the “Welcome to Sixth Edition” tournament. And I’m now trying to get other work done…that’s already supposed to be finished by now (like doing the store’s comic order for everything coming out two months from now).

And I still have more scrambles looming on the horizon:

Scramble #1

Storm Zone: Carnage (Firestorm Armada Tournament)

On September 22, Imaginary Wars will be hosting this 1,000-point tournament for (what’s becoming) the upstart game in the store! The tournament carries a $20 entry fee, will be for up to 14 players and will be for all the core fleets (though league fleets can be played as well).

The ever-elusive Firestorm Armada 2nd Ed. rulebooks

While my  hosting “duties” don’t include writing up the tournament format and missions, I will be helping make scenery for the event–and when I say helping make scenery, I mean from scratch. Imaginary Wars has a total of two star fields made from black felt fabric (and then silk-screened) for its table tops. And that’s it…so the pressure’s on.

We look pretty healthy for scenery–so long as you’re not trying to play 15mm or spaceship-battle games!

Despite the bit of a crunch I’ll soon be in, I’m really excited about this tournament because:

(a) Firestorm Armada looks cool and plays great. I have a lot of love for Battlefleet Gothic but have stopped playing it because….well, it’s Battlefleet Gothic: the game’s design shows it’s age; and more importantly, the game’s play shows the neglect that GW shoveled on to it in its final years back in the early 2000s. Also, even if, this time around, I’m just helping run the show, I’m excited to be playing a space battles game again.

(b) I get to spend time hanging with my friend, Lange (of Jaded Gamercast J-List celebrity fame); Lange is the guy who will be designing and running the tournament. So it will be nice that I only need to sit in the co-pilot seat, rather than steer the whole show–more importantly, be the one who gets stressed about the deadlines!

Scramble #2

Calgary R.E.G.I.M.E.N.T.’s Annual Flames of War Tournament

I’m really trying to get my mid-war, Loyal Edmonton Regiment (the Loyal Eddies) painted up for the mid-war tournament coming up at the end of September. The tournament is being run by the local Flames of War club, the R.E.G.I.M.E.N.T. –whose members have been coming by to play FoW (and Firestorm Armada) every Friday evening this summer. I’ve owned Flames of War models since 2003  and am on the cusp of getting a 1625-point army completed….it’s just that work and tasks keep getting in the way of painting as of late (I know, I know: every miniatures painter complains about this; but having just started my own business, I feel less cheap citing that as an excuse).

A work-in-progress shot of the first platoon–of three–in my Canadian Infantry (in Italy) company that I’m hoping to take to the tournament at the end of September.

Scramble #3

Black Library Expo: Chestermere Library

–Or more accurately, Imaginary Wars is helping run a Warhammer 40,000 tournament for the weekend. The Chestermere Library get all the credit for bringing these Black Library authors to Chestermere (an eight-minute drive from Calgary’s east-side city limits).

An AMAZING list of guests!

For this tournament, it will be Conquest Calgary (Nathan & Teri) and my store that will be running and organising the 40k side of events for the weekend (yes, there WILL be a Warhammer fantasy tournament being run in tandem all weekend long as well!). Right now, we’re envisioning this to be a tournament where players form “teams” where each player on said team adds their tournament score to their team’s total–this will NOT be a doubles tournament where two players face off against another two players.

Also I think we’re leaning towards essentially running this as two 1-day tournaments to better facilitate people who are only able to come for one day–though we’ve bandied around the idea of making it two 1-day tournaments but also have a “best team over the whole weekend” prize as well…time will tell.

We’re going with a format like this so that players don’t have to just come for the tournament or just come to meet Black Library authors: they can do both because we’ll only want 2 or 3 people from each team to be playing at the same time in each round. Did I mention that I’ll likely need to build more scenery for this tournament also?

Scramble #3a

Did I mention that I will have a mystery guest at Imaginary Wars on Monday, October 8th? You could surmise that this guest has everything to do with the Black Library Expo, being held on the two days before this (holiday) Monday….but I can neither confirm nor deny anything at the moment. Let’s just say that it will be well worth your while to drop by Imaginary Wars between 10:00am and noon on that (Canadian Thanksgiving) Monday!

Closing Updates

Looking at just how this “quick” update has turned into another wall of text by me, I think I should wrap things up here.


I also thought I’d point out that that I’ve added a couple links to the ol’ blog roll: the link for the local Flames of War (among other things) gaming club, the Calgary R.E.G.I.M.E.N.T. whom I’m always glad come by every Friday night to play FoW and Firestorm Armada. I’ve also added the Clockwerk-Warriors blog–the personal blog of one of the club’s members.

I’d like to thank Mike of the Legio Minimus blog for both attending the store’s “Welcome to Sixth Edition” 40k tournament AND doing an awesome write up of his experiences on the tournament day!

With that, I’ll sign off with the walk-through video I took during round two of the tournament.

Welcome to Sixth Edition Tournament: Round 2 Walk Through.


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