November’s White Dwarf (#393?) …Reviewed!

First off:

I admit it: yes, I missed reviewing last month’s White Dwarf–though thanks to Games Workshop getting rid of printing the issue number on each month’s magazine, had I not bothered mentioning it here, it’s likely no one would have been any the wiser!

I have to admit, I was working on more important (dare I say exciting?) things when last month’s issue came out–as I talked about a little in my last post …not to mention that when I wasn’t too busy building a weekend 40k tournament or preparing for a bunch of Black Library authors coming to visit my store, I’ve also been busy trying to stay on top of the (at times) mountainous pile of paperwork that comes with running one’s own business. And I do have to admit it: once I’ve dragged my feet for a couple of weeks on a review, it becomes very difficult to motivate myself to get the thing done–I mean what’s the point of “reviewing” an issue that’s been out for several weeks and is on the cusp of being replaced by the newer issue?

Being that I haven’t had much chance to fully go through last month’s issue, I didn’t realise until I was well past the half-way mark of doing this month’s review (or whatever it is that you want to call my coverage of the magazine) that the magazine has undergone a subtle, yet fundamental change in the manner it’s organised: it has moved away from being a conglomeration of “articles” about each game system and moved towards being a publication comprised of  themed, regularly occurring columns, with each column then focusing on a different game system (or what-have-you) each month. I think this is a change for the better.

This subtle change has had me rethink how I present my review; before I used to label which system each listed article was for–and colour code it accordingly–but I’ve decided with this review to colour code each article’s title according to the system it’s covering (white is used to show that article isn’t geared to any single system). I do feel a bit silly writing about how I’m going about doing things, but I thought I should try to explain why my page-by-page rundown of the magazine is so multi-coloured.

And now, without further ado…

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Thus Concludes a Hectic (but Exciting!) Weekend

I know, I know; I’m late with my review of the “all new” White Dwarf. It’s late enough that I’m pondering whether I should even bother doing my page-by-page review (overview?) of October’s White Dwarf issue, seeing as how it hit the shelves–with a firm street date, no less–about three weeks ago.

But that’s not what this post on my blog is about today.

If you live in Calgary, you’ll know that this was a BIG weekend for Calgary’s Games Workshop enthusiasts–heck, if you live anywhere in Alberta, you’re probably aware of  this weekend’s significance (hint: it’s not because it was Canadian Thanksgiving). This weekend was the Black Library Expo, and was being hosted by the Chestermere Public Library. The Black Library authors that came to Calgary were:

– Dan Abnett

– Graham McNeill

– Aaron Dembski-Bowden

– James Swallow

– Gav Thorpe

– Chris Wraight

– Nik Vincent

The Mayor of Chestermere visits the Expo in full Adeptus Sororitas regalia!

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