Work in Progress: Demons! The Second.

Hello folks! Scott here again. I’ve been diligently trucking away at getting my Tzeentch Demon army painted up, and figured it was about time for another post.

Here’s the army in its current state of paintitude:

1500 points of deepstriking, flamethrowing pain.

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Work in Progress: Demons! All Tzeentch, All the Time!

Hello folks! Scott here, and there’s a tournament on the horizon, so that means it’s time for me to put my brushes to work on an army that has spent far too long languishing unpainted in my case: my much beloved Tzeentch demons! Here’s the rundown on the 1500 point list:

The full 1500pt force. Horrors and Lord of Change basecoated, Demon Prince finished, rest of the lads primed.

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In-Store Gaming This November

In my effort to be more active with my blog—and to also acknowledge that the blog is also an extension of the store—I’ve decided to post about this month’s in-store gaming information sheet (along with a bit of embellishment to make it read less like I’m simply going over the flyer day by day, bit by bit).

To have a bit of fun with the idea, I decided to also include the flyer from our first month of business (back in April of aught-twelve…heh) as a bit of a comparison between what I thought we’d have for gaming upon opening and where we’re currently at for in-store gaming.

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