In-Store Gaming This November

In my effort to be more active with my blog—and to also acknowledge that the blog is also an extension of the store—I’ve decided to post about this month’s in-store gaming information sheet (along with a bit of embellishment to make it read less like I’m simply going over the flyer day by day, bit by bit).

To have a bit of fun with the idea, I decided to also include the flyer from our first month of business (back in April of aught-twelve…heh) as a bit of a comparison between what I thought we’d have for gaming upon opening and where we’re currently at for in-store gaming.

So…Why Dedicate Specific Games to Specific Days?

I’ve been asked this enough before that I thought I should touch on it. My experience through the many places I’ve worked has been that it’s very easy to ask gamers to come down and game whatever they like …and have people show up regularly, never being able to play a game only because that person brought the wrong stuff that day. (As testament to this, Saturdays—being our only day dedicated to whatever tickles players’ fancy—are habitually our lowest-turnout day of the week!)

Put simply, dedicating each evening to a specific game helps corral players towards the days where they’ll likely meet up with like-minded players.

Successes and Changes

The most obvious changes that can be seen are the days that have been shuffled around: no longer is Strange Aeons on Mondays; and while Heavy Gear is still featured prominently on Wednesdays, the other games touted as being “War Torn” have generally moved to Fridays.—due, in no small part, to the local Flames of War club (the R.E.G.I.M.E.N.T.) having decided to add Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars to their repertoire of games they play on Fridays at the store.

What’s also cool is that we’ve just started hosting Infinity on Monday nights and already have been having some response–which is doubly pleasant as it’s difficult to predict response with so many of the games that aren’t Warhammer or Magic the Gathering.

Speaking of which, due to Flames of War and Magic: the Gathering, Fridays have begun to regularly give our Thursdays some competition as to which night each week will have the best turnout. Since opening, 40k games nights have done so well that we’ve expanded to having 40k on two days each week. What I like about that is that with one day already dedicated to pick-up games and the like, having a second day for 40k lets us toy around with the idea of running campaigns so that 40k need not feel as straightforward as it sometimes can when playing pick-up games.

I also like store campaigns as they’re a great way to help games avoid feeling so rinse-and-repeat (which seems to be happening with impunity with the way the internet is able to disseminate point-and-click lists to the gaming community at large)–but I’ll talk more about campaigns in a later post: I have some ideas and am hoping the store will get a 40k campaign up and running in the very near future.

Final Thoughts

One thing that hasn’t really changed that much between now and the April (of aught-twelve!) is the flyer format—which I like and all …but also find limits my ability to post about one-off events happening in the store that month. For instance, this month’s flyer has no room to make mention of the Flames of War “Tanksgiving” bring ‘n’ battle (with…you guessed it: only tank armies allowed!) happening on the afternoon of Saturday November 24th, the aforementioned upcoming 40k campaign or even just the tournament formats of each week’s Friday Night Magic this month.

There’s also not enough usable space to give a heads up about future months’ events…which I guess could easily be accomplished by doing up a second flyer (but do I want to chain myself to the commitment of having two flyers that must be done each and very month?) .

Considering we’re hoping to run a Heavy Gear painting competition and a Flames of War day-long tournament in December, plus start-up a running campaign night for Strange Aeons and have a couple one-off board games nights, a second flyer does feel like it might be for the best; I’ve found posting that kind of information on our Facebook page as status updates isn’t necessarily the best way of handling these kinds of events–people need to be able to refer back to the information (dates, start times etc), so making it easily accessible on Facebook means not doing status updates as often …which goes against why the store has a Facebook page in the first place. Which, I guess, is where the blog comes in.

So that’s where I’ll end things for today: with me coming full circle, realising that my blog fits into the monthly events flyer equation quite well as a vehicle that provides a significant amount of information about the store’s upcoming events, whether they’re regular weekly games, campaigns or one-off tournaments and their ilk. Also, should I still choose to do a second monthly events flyer, the blog will enable me to expand on all the details rather than risk filling up an event flyer with too much text (or Facebook status update for that matter).


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