Work in Progress: Demons! The Second.

Hello folks! Scott here again. I’ve been diligently trucking away at getting my Tzeentch Demon army painted up, and figured it was about time for another post.

Here’s the army in its current state of paintitude:

1500 points of deepstriking, flamethrowing pain.

I’m pretty satisfied with how everything is turning out so far and with only the Lord of Change and Changeling left to go before basing, I’m feeling pretty good about my progress

The pink on the Pink Horrors turned out to be a lot more work than I had anticipated. Twenty-seven guys is a ton of brushwork any way you slice it, but I’m happy with the result. The blue tongues really make the models pop and provide some mad contrast with the pink. I’ll spend some more time touching up the pink skin if I get a chance before tournament day, but as things stand I’d be comfortable dropping them on the table.

The Flamers were a blast to work on and painted up super quick. After some tips on the fire from a buddy of mine (and yes, I realize it’s technically upside-down fire, but it looked better this way AND they’re interstellar flamethrowing demons, so…magical…space…fire) and a few layers of wet-brushing and washes, I think they turned out great. The blues, oranges and yellows really worked well together too. Huzzah for the color wheel!

My most recently completed models were the nine Screamers:

Space Shaaaaaarks!

After painting a ton of blue and pink, purple felt like the logical  middle ground for my nasty assault critters. In an army that is almost pure shooting, I wanted to make sure my one really fighty unit looked as deadly as it is in combat. After finishing up the purple, the yellowish-orange color for the scales and fins were shamelessly copied from my buddy’s awesome looking Eldar guardians. The grey was a happy accident; after drybrushing a dark grey onto the primed models to stain with a purple wash (which is where the vibrant skin color came from), I decided to try building up the grey through a couple of shades to white on the teeth and barbs. Though I’m considering doing a few more highlights on the flat wing sections, I’m more than happy with the result overall.

MVPs of the week: definitely the Secret Weapon Washes.

These things are unbelievably good, and fill a niche in my palette that hasn’t been satisfied since Games Workshop discontinued their stellar inks. I find the Workshop washes are passable if I want to shade the entirety of my model a certain color, but the SW Washes are so much better for more accurate work. They are almost singlehandedly responsible for the rich purple skin of the Screamers, as well as the shading on the Pink Horrors and Flamers. I would recommend them for anyone frustrated with the limitations of the Workshop washes, or for anyone who wants to give something new a try with their minis.

All told, things are coming along swimmingly. Barring natural disaster or nuclear firestorm, I SHOULD be ready in time for the tournament. I’ll fire another post up here once the last two models are completed and everything is based. Thanks for reading!
– Stay tuned,



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