Happy Birthday to us!


One year ago today, Imaginary Wars opened its doors for business.

What can I say? I’m exceptionally grateful to all the people who have helped and supported the store this past year. Without all the awesome people in the community around me, this store would never have come into being, never mind still being here one year later.

I was hoping to do a bit of a review of the store’s highlights over our first year, but I’ve ended up having all my time getting devoured by my getting ready for the upcoming Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, the International Table Top Day we ran in the store last weekend (to great success, I might add!), I’ve also been keeping abreast on our Heavy Gear League (which includes me having to paint up my own stuff –have I mentioned that my painting pace is …glacial?),  trying to post on this blog more regularly, and managing our promotions for Games Workshop’s  Tau releases as well as the new set for Magic the Gathering’s Ravnica block, Dragon’s Maze. On top of that, I’ve been running the store’s first year anniversary Facebook Contest …and finishing planning some sort of festivities for Saturday, April 6 when we’ll be officially ringing in our first year.

After re-reading that last paragraph, I’m left wondering what I’m doing still writing today’s post. However, I am exceptional at getting too caught up in taking care of things (or looking towards the next fire I might need to put out) that I quite regularly forget to mention and thank all the unsung individuals who help me out every day–my wife being first among them. There are plenty of others, but she’s the one who puts up with me (and the store) the most. There’s also my business partner and the family and friends who helped get the ball rolling and the store started, all of whom –just as with my wife– I cannot thank enough.

Anyways, I’ll end things here –but if you live in Calgary (or close enough by), come down to the store THIS Saturday, April 6 and celebrate our first year with us. OF COURSE there will be cake and refreshments and board gaming and maybe a few more things going on that day …like deals! I’ll be at the store ALL day.

If you don’t live in or near Calgary, just remember that **shameless plug** if you live in Alberta, shipping is free, with no minimum purchase amount!


Casual Magic – MTG Core Set 2013 – Commander Highlights

After a few weeks worth of hiatus, I was digging through a box of brand new M13 boosters for the store’s singles department and came across a few that ought to be relevant for Commanders everywhere. A new core set always gets me excited (oh the possibilities!). Let’s start with black.

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Magic Faux Pas – Playing Like a Tool

The nature of most CCG’s, Magic: the Gathering included, is that as your stack o’ cards grows and your experience with the mechanics of the game increases, so too do the opportunities for crazy shenanigans, regardless of the format you’re playing. But what happens when those shenanigans take a turn from the cheeky and fun into the realm of the cruel and tragic? You end up wrecking the game, and not just for your opponents.


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EDH (Erm, I mean, Commander): The Best Game in Magic-Town

Anyone who has ever witnessed me in a gaming environment knows that I lean…heavily…towards the competitive side of almost any game I play. Imagine my surprise then when I realized that my favorite Magic: The Gathering format to play wasn’t the ultra-competitive Standard Constructed format, the favored son of the frothing tournament scene, but rather the casual Commander multiplayer format (formerly known as EDH, or Elder Dragon Highlander among MtG veterans).

Close enough. Look at that handsome devil. You can almost hear the Scottish burr.

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Incoming: Casual Magic

Hey Folks,

Much like Imaginary Wars has developed from an idea into a store over the past year, Kyle’s personal blog has begun its evolution into a staging ground for not only his ramblings and ideas, but for those of the entire Imaginary Wars crew. As such, you’re going to start noticing a few guest postings popping up on the blog over the next few weeks and months.

My name is Scott, and many of you know me from my presence in the gaming community or, alternatively, as the face at Imaginary Wars that ISN’T Kyle. My gaming history began with board games while working with Kyle at Great White, and has grown to encompass miniature wargaming as well as collectable card games.

While you’ll see the occasional wargaming article from me, my focus is largely going to be on the collectable card game side of things. I’ll be posting a series of articles collectively and tentatively titled ‘Casual Magic’ on Mondays to the Imaginary Wars blog dealing with the collectable card game Magic: The Gathering. Magic has become a focus of mine in the past few months as I’ve sought to feed my gaming addiction with a casual pastime that fits more comfortably with my school schedule, and I feel the game has a lot to offer all kinds of gamers.

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