White Dwarf #385 Review

File this one under: The Imaginary Wars Lease Continues to Capitalize My Time. 

I bought the newest issue of White Dwarf the day it came out, had started on the review by the next morning…and then BAM! Monday hit and I was left scrambling trying to do five different things (including taking care of my daughter) so that this review had no other choice but to be set on the back burner until all the final bits of getting the lease could be completed. 

So after all the drama that Monday and Tuesday held, I’m finally able to say that I have a store location (no more of that “things are almost 100% confirmed” garbage that I’ve been saying for almost a month now!) and I also have the time to finish my review of the newest White Dwarf issue. 

Probably best I do it correctly, now that it’s time to roll up my sleeves and REALLY get to work.

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2011 in review

WordPress prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog, and according to them I did a pretty good job in 2012. You can read further about my stats…if you care about this sort of thing.

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Boss Zagstruk: Work in Progress

I’ve been thinking that I should be showing off more of the stuff I’m working on—in an attempt to get me to sit at my painting table and get more painting done. So today, I’m “showing off” where I’m at right now with a commission I’m working on: Ork Boss Zagstruk.

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I Podcasted …Again!

Last night I helped fill in on Jaded GamerCast for one of the hosts (Nathan) who had the opportunity to escape the Canadian versions of  December & January in exchange for the Philippines version of those months. As is the tradition with Jaded GamerCast, alcohol and swearing were involved. I worked my way through a pretty big helping of Lagavulin 16 year, and I managed to drop a few F-bombs too! Sigh….what would Jaded GamerCast be if there was no alcohol or swearing like sailors involved?

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White Dwarf 383–Reviewed!

I can’t believe I missed it! I missed it by a week! I missed the release day of the December, 2011 White Dwarf issue (if you live in North America, the issue I’m talking about is #383). It totally flew below my radar, and I just realised it was on the shelves seven days after the fact! Mind you, with last month’s issue being not much more than a bunch of forgettable articles, wrapped in Necrons and drizzled in retcon, there’s only so much guilt I can feel about being late picking up this month’s issue.

You know, if you can't be bothered to strive for the level of quality on a Magic: the Gathering card, what's the point of putting 'art' on the cover?

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Podcasting Follow Up

I just checked out the 11th Company Podcast site: the episode (#93) where I was interviewed on has been posted. It’s a joint interview, where, as I mentioned in last week’s Halloween post, Nathan, Teri and I all talk about how we conceptualised, organised and ran last year’s Massacre On Isstvan V tournament-ish event. Continue reading

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween, I dressed up as a podcaster!

I was not only a part of an interview on the 11th Company pod cast, but I also co-hosted this week’s episode of Jaded GamerCast! Two podcasts in three days is a decent amount of podcasting for some one who isn’t officially involved in any podcasts. Continue reading