Agents Aplenty!

Last week I got to partake in some (very brief) Strange Aeons [link] games. Being that I’m in the same town as the game’s author-owner, every once in a while when I game with Uncle Mike I get to do something a little out of the ordinary. And last week was one of those every-once-in-a-whiles.

I brought my Threshold team that had squared off (and fared quite well) against Jaded GamerCasts’s host, Lange, back in the beginning of November.

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Birthday Fallout

The irony is not lost on me: how I almost immediately stopped posting regularly right after writing the blog post giving myself an ‘A’ for maintaining a routine of weekly posts all summer. Excuses? Oh I have them. (Are they valid excuses? Well, that might be another matter entirely…)

First off, my birthday hit me…hard. As hard as, say, thirteen bottles of single-malt Scotch. Yes, the picture below is of my scotch collection as it stands, post-birthday celebrations.

I could do after-action reports with accompanying scotch reviews!

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