Thus Concludes a Hectic (but Exciting!) Weekend

I know, I know; I’m late with my review of the “all new” White Dwarf. It’s late enough that I’m pondering whether I should even bother doing my page-by-page review (overview?) of October’s White Dwarf issue, seeing as how it hit the shelves–with a firm street date, no less–about three weeks ago.

But that’s not what this post on my blog is about today.

If you live in Calgary, you’ll know that this was a BIG weekend for Calgary’s Games Workshop enthusiasts–heck, if you live anywhere in Alberta, you’re probably aware of  this weekend’s significance (hint: it’s not because it was Canadian Thanksgiving). This weekend was the Black Library Expo, and was being hosted by the Chestermere Public Library. The Black Library authors that came to Calgary were:

– Dan Abnett

– Graham McNeill

– Aaron Dembski-Bowden

– James Swallow

– Gav Thorpe

– Chris Wraight

– Nik Vincent

The Mayor of Chestermere visits the Expo in full Adeptus Sororitas regalia!

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Quick(ish) Update(s)

I’ve just survived the scramble of putting together the store’s second Warhammer 40,000 tournament: the “Welcome to Sixth Edition” tournament. And I’m now trying to get other work done…that’s already supposed to be finished by now (like doing the store’s comic order for everything coming out two months from now).

And I still have more scrambles looming on the horizon:

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