Incoming: Casual Magic

Hey Folks,

Much like Imaginary Wars has developed from an idea into a store over the past year, Kyle’s personal blog has begun its evolution into a staging ground for not only his ramblings and ideas, but for those of the entire Imaginary Wars crew. As such, you’re going to start noticing a few guest postings popping up on the blog over the next few weeks and months.

My name is Scott, and many of you know me from my presence in the gaming community or, alternatively, as the face at Imaginary Wars that ISN’T Kyle. My gaming history began with board games while working with Kyle at Great White, and has grown to encompass miniature wargaming as well as collectable card games.

While you’ll see the occasional wargaming article from me, my focus is largely going to be on the collectable card game side of things. I’ll be posting a series of articles collectively and tentatively titled ‘Casual Magic’ on Mondays to the Imaginary Wars blog dealing with the collectable card game Magic: The Gathering. Magic has become a focus of mine in the past few months as I’ve sought to feed my gaming addiction with a casual pastime that fits more comfortably with my school schedule, and I feel the game has a lot to offer all kinds of gamers.

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The Demise of GW

NO, not Games Workshop, but the store I managed: Great White.

After shaky spring sales were followed by a disastrous May, the store in Calgary closed its doors for good at the end of June–just in time for me to go on a two-week vacation! (I had no choice: the flights had been booked months ago; and in the stress surrounding the store’s death rattle, I managed to forget to change my flights; luckily, the trip was visiting family, so it was a holiday on the cheap!)


With some decent job prospects coming my way closer to the end of summer, at the moment things don’t look too grim and dark for me. My goal is now to get more hobby and game time in over the summer.

Responsible? Not really. Irresponsible? Also…not really.

So Where Does this Leave me?

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A Lengthy Reply ‘Mans Up’ & Becomes a Real Post!

So in my last post, I was expressing some disappointment with how GW’s handling their start to their new fiscal year (read: the double-whammy price change).

I got a reply from another blogger, TheKingElessar, whose blog I check out fairly regularly (and who seems to swing by here to see what I have to say for myself from time to time). I started replying to a quick comment he posted on my page; and before I knew it, I was in full rant mode–not in an angry way, mind you: I just had too much to say to type out in a couple short sentences.

[I searched for images of King Elessar (Aragorn) but found many. Seeing as how this post’s topic is all about the image-poor topic of Finecast [TM], I’ve decided all the pictures will be of Aragorn-Elessar.]

So in true lazy fashion, I decided that instead of pouring all kinds of effort into a reply to a reply of my short blog entry, I’d instead make a more proper today. In case you’re not on my front page, the original post I made can be found here, to which TheKingElessar’s replied:

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