If Only I Lived Closer to the Mid-West!

American mid-west, that is.

I stumbled upon an update on the Plastic Legions blog just the other night and thought I’d talk about it now–before even more time passed since the original post’s date of September 29th. Could it be true? Could there really be a resurgence of interest in the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game?

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The Post Where I Whinge For a Bit….Part II


(Actually, this post is more of a tongue-in-cheek whinge–and probably closer to a revelation than anything else.)


Radagast the Great?

The fact that Elves can out-evil my Team Evil army wasn’t the only thing I learned from that War of the Ring battle I played against the Galadhrim. My opponent and I both learned that Games Workshop has got a huge Space-Wolf-sized hard-on for Radagast the Brown. Radagast absolutely rocks in War of the Ring!

Radagast takes his rightful place at the head of the order of wizards--wait, what?

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Off To Re-dress Their Performance

Witch King: "You have failed me for the last time."

I fielded my Angmar army last Wednesday in War of the Ring against my friend’s newly-assembled Galadhrim force, lead by Galadriel (and backed up by Celeborn and Radagast). I’m planning on giving some sort of treatment of that game as I managed to take pictures at the start of every turn—I suspect I won’t remember enough details for a full-on battle report, but I’ll certainly remember enough to give some broad brush strokes. (That and the burning hasn’t gone down yet, so there will be parts I’ll be able to recount with vivid detail: Angmar got pantsed by Scott’s Galadhrim!) But I’ll leave the reasons  (excuses?) for such an utter defeat for that battle report post; I probably should reflect a little more on what went so wrong.

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