White Dwarf #391 Reviewed!

As has been my trend over the past few months of White Dwarf issues, I’m reviewing the magazine well after its release…and well after it’s likely sold out everywhere—which feels like an odd thing to say about the White Dwarf.

So I’ve been saying for a while that it’s felt like White Dwarf has been trying to make some changes (that would stick) to the magazine to increase its readership. Well, this month is the third month in a row that the magazine has sold out across town (as far as I can tell); and I think the editors have stumbled upon the secret behind selling White Dwarf to the masses: exclusive content. This month sees the release of a bunch of new chaos daemon model kits, some being plastic re-sculpts, some being entirely new models. More importantly there are new rules—and updated rules—for all the models released this month, and the only way to get those rules is by purchasing this month’s White Dwarf issue to get the separate Daemons Army Book / Codex booklet that comes poly-bagged with the issue.

I’ve decided to not review the daemon rules that accompanied this month’s magazine as I know there’s plenty of people out there on the internet that have already done reviews of the booklet—heck, even I helped review the 40k portion of it on Jaded Gamercast!

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Agents Aplenty!

Last week I got to partake in some (very brief) Strange Aeons [link] games. Being that I’m in the same town as the game’s author-owner, every once in a while when I game with Uncle Mike I get to do something a little out of the ordinary. And last week was one of those every-once-in-a-whiles.

I brought my Threshold team that had squared off (and fared quite well) against Jaded GamerCasts’s host, Lange, back in the beginning of November.

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I Podcasted …Again!

Last night I helped fill in on Jaded GamerCast for one of the hosts (Nathan) who had the opportunity to escape the Canadian versions of  December & January in exchange for the Philippines version of those months. As is the tradition with Jaded GamerCast, alcohol and swearing were involved. I worked my way through a pretty big helping of Lagavulin 16 year, and I managed to drop a few F-bombs too! Sigh….what would Jaded GamerCast be if there was no alcohol or swearing like sailors involved?

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Podcasting Follow Up

I just checked out the 11th Company Podcast site: the episode (#93) where I was interviewed on has been posted. It’s a joint interview, where, as I mentioned in last week’s Halloween post, Nathan, Teri and I all talk about how we conceptualised, organised and ran last year’s Massacre On Isstvan V tournament-ish event. Continue reading