White Dwarf 383–Reviewed!

I can’t believe I missed it! I missed it by a week! I missed the release day of the December, 2011 White Dwarf issue (if you live in North America, the issue I’m talking about is #383). It totally flew below my radar, and I just realised it was on the shelves seven days after the fact! Mind you, with last month’s issue being not much more than a bunch of forgettable articles, wrapped in Necrons and drizzled in retcon, there’s only so much guilt I can feel about being late picking up this month’s issue.

You know, if you can't be bothered to strive for the level of quality on a Magic: the Gathering card, what's the point of putting 'art' on the cover?

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Quick Post: If John Blanche were a REAL Artist

(Very incendiary post title, n’est ce pas?)

Actually,  I really (really) like John Blanche’s art work.

(I find I’m always defending and justifying his artwork  to others–I even bought the Ratspike book that John Blanche and Ian Miller put out through Games Workshop back in the late eighties!)

The only thing I dislike about John Blanche’s body of work is the rust-washed sketches he’s done rather a lot of.  I don’t think they’re particularly horrible; I just think it’s a shame that SO much of his work is constituted of these sketches that seem to be more his thumbnail sketches exploring ideas than “art” per se.

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