White Dwarf #385 Review

File this one under: The Imaginary Wars Lease Continues to Capitalize My Time. 

I bought the newest issue of White Dwarf the day it came out, had started on the review by the next morning…and then BAM! Monday hit and I was left scrambling trying to do five different things (including taking care of my daughter) so that this review had no other choice but to be set on the back burner until all the final bits of getting the lease could be completed. 

So after all the drama that Monday and Tuesday held, I’m finally able to say that I have a store location (no more of that “things are almost 100% confirmed” garbage that I’ve been saying for almost a month now!) and I also have the time to finish my review of the newest White Dwarf issue. 

Probably best I do it correctly, now that it’s time to roll up my sleeves and REALLY get to work.

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White Dwarf #384 Late Review

Okay, so first off, I’m only doing a White Dwarf review this late in the schedule because I wrote most of it up within the first couple days following its release–and then store set-up tasks went into overdrive, forcing me to abandon most things in my life except the items I’m eBaying to help keep food on the table (as it were) until the new store is set up…and running…and giving me a pay cheque.

Plus there’s all the stuff that comes with being a parent…suffice it to say that when “something’s gotta’ give”  hobby time and blog duties will likely always be the first to suffer when being a parent and opening a business are on the table.

That said, I have a friend who’s giving me some help with the formative part of the store  and it just so happens that I’ve gotten him into Flames of War. Anyway, he and I have had several late-evening bull-pit sessions where we’ve talked about elements of the new store,  setting up the  new business…and the rules in playing Flames of War. Needless to say, a lot of good ideas have been developed–and we’ve also begun to learn how Flames of War works! At the moment, my mid-war Loyal Eddies (Canadian Infantry) are undefeated in their struggles against the Hun….not that we’ve been playing proper missions or anything like that. (At first I was terrified of his Tiger…up until the thing got into the sites of my 17-pounder anti-tank guns!)

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If Only I Lived Closer to the Mid-West!

American mid-west, that is.

I stumbled upon an update on the Plastic Legions blog just the other night and thought I’d talk about it now–before even more time passed since the original post’s date of September 29th. Could it be true? Could there really be a resurgence of interest in the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game?

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The Post Where I Whinge For a Bit….Part I

Thanks to yesterday’s battle report, I’m still reeling a bit from reliving that terrible outcome of the battle I played against Scott’s Elven Galadhrim at the start of the month. I thought of more things to comment about in the game while writing that battle report; but, rather than than making the already-long battle report even lengthier with these extra thoughts tacked on at the bottom of the post, I thought I’d just do a new post….of a more easy-to-digest size.

I won’t lie: this is a post where I piss and moan about the unfairness of life–or in this case, the unfairness of pretend life in a pretend setting that I play games in.

Unstoppable overlords of the galaxy, mercilessly harvesting souls--whom whole RACES were created in a vain attempt to stop you, huh? That's NOT what the rules say!

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Did White Dwarf Just Turn Down the Suck?

The quality of article I expect when White Dwarf announces Sisters will be in their next issue.

My guilty admission: I’ve been a loyal White Dwarf magazine buyer for decades now. And despite my buying the magazine month in and month out, regardless of each issue’s individual merits, I’ve been feeling like a sucker for quite a while now. With each month’s new issue, I flip through, trying to find any content I can use to justify my buying the rag that month. With the closing of Great White, it was definitely looking like I would be capping off my decades-long collection this summer: buying a terrible magazine with my staff discount was one thing; buying a terrible magazine and paying full retail was entirely another.

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