Imaginary Wars: Initial Walk Through!

….and by “Initial Walk Through” I really mean the very first walk through! My business partner and I were allowed to get into the store for half an hour to get it properly measured (so we could begin working on our layout and see what else we needed) over the weekend; so I took full advantage of the opportunity and filmed a quick walk through for the benefit of family and friends!

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Location Secured, Lawyered Up…Engage!

I think I’ve said it two or three times now: I’ve got the location chosen and secured. Well, now it’s official! Yesterday I received (via courier) the full lease, every page initialed by myself and the landlord and all the appropriate blanks signed and witnessed.

All the people I’ve talked to about this have said it’s a real ‘champagne’ moment, but it hasn’t felt that way to me. I think it would have been a bigger deal had I not already had “the lease is negotiated” moments several times already. Don’t get me wrong; I’m ALL kinds of excited…maybe it’s just ‘cause I’m so focused on all the other things that need to be taken care of as well.

Such as…


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