2012 in review

Well, running the Imaginary Wars Gaming and Hobbies store has successfully kept me COMPLETELY busy throughout the Christmas season–so much so that I’ve managed to totally stop blogging (I even managed to miss doing my regular–and late as always–White Dwarf review for the December issue of Games Workshop’s magazine).  I’m not yet at the part where I start making New Year’s blogging / gaming / whatever resolutions (though, seeing as how it’s New Year’s Eve, now would be an entirely appropriate time for blogging resolutions for the new year!), but already I know I need to work on regular blog updates…I used to be pretty good at getting a post or two done each week.

Anyways,  the number monkeys at WordPress crunched my page stats for 2012 and formatted the report to be easily posted; so in an attempt to turn a new leaf, I’m posting that report in hopes it will jump-start me in 2013 to blogging regularly once more; without further ado, here’s the 2012 WordPress highlights report for the Imaginary Wars blog:

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 66,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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2011 in review

WordPress prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog, and according to them I did a pretty good job in 2012. You can read further about my stats…if you care about this sort of thing.

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The After-Summer-Break Report Card

So, at the start of summer, I posted about how my games-store job had evapourated, and I was now unemployed—giving me ample opportunity to catch up on my hobbies! With September now in full swing, it’s time to take stock, compare my follow-through to my statements and see how I fared.

I already know it’s going to be a disappointing “report card” because no sooner did I get a lot of free time that my wife took a temporary position at her job—which then offered her full-time hours to get her trained in the job more quickly. I went from believing I’d have one to three hours of exclusive “me” time almost every day to becoming the stay-at-home dad—and learned how precious little “me” time there is for a stay-at-home parent with a three-year old in the house (and I might add, one who can sense it: the moment your attention is not focused on her exclusively). Continue reading

Last Look at Angmar’s Defeat

I was going through my photos from the War of the Ring battle I played earlier this month–the one that spurred a battle report post (not to mention two slightly-over-the- top opinion write ups!); I found a couple decent pictures of some of my painted models that haven’t appeared in any of my other posts (well, close up, anyways).

So I thought I’d post the extra pictures I had of my Angmar army today for posterity’ sake!

Wild Wargs of the Misty Mountains

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The Post Where I Whinge For a Bit….Part II


(Actually, this post is more of a tongue-in-cheek whinge–and probably closer to a revelation than anything else.)


Radagast the Great?

The fact that Elves can out-evil my Team Evil army wasn’t the only thing I learned from that War of the Ring battle I played against the Galadhrim. My opponent and I both learned that Games Workshop has got a huge Space-Wolf-sized hard-on for Radagast the Brown. Radagast absolutely rocks in War of the Ring!

Radagast takes his rightful place at the head of the order of wizards--wait, what?

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The Post Where I Whinge For a Bit….Part I

Thanks to yesterday’s battle report, I’m still reeling a bit from reliving that terrible outcome of the battle I played against Scott’s Elven Galadhrim at the start of the month. I thought of more things to comment about in the game while writing that battle report; but, rather than than making the already-long battle report even lengthier with these extra thoughts tacked on at the bottom of the post, I thought I’d just do a new post….of a more easy-to-digest size.

I won’t lie: this is a post where I piss and moan about the unfairness of life–or in this case, the unfairness of pretend life in a pretend setting that I play games in.

Unstoppable overlords of the galaxy, mercilessly harvesting souls--whom whole RACES were created in a vain attempt to stop you, huh? That's NOT what the rules say!

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