Boss Zagstruk: Work in Progress

I’ve been thinking that I should be showing off more of the stuff I’m working on—in an attempt to get me to sit at my painting table and get more painting done. So today, I’m “showing off” where I’m at right now with a commission I’m working on: Ork Boss Zagstruk.

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Work in Progress: Flames of War

Back in mid July, I mentioned that I was starting to get back into Flames of War and was starting to get some things painted. Today’s post is quick…ish–mostly just a few photos showing where I’m at with that so far (also done to give me a quick kick in the pants and try to keep my momentum on the project).

You can *almost* tell that I've applied some paint to these black-primed Flames of War miniatures!

When I started getting into Flames of War, the game was set only in the mid-war period of 1942-1943—the other epochs existed, but Battlefront was putting all their energy and resources into covering the mid-war battles and campaigns.

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